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3DMAPS (Movement Analysis & Performance System) is the ultimate movement assessment designed for individuals looking to improve athletic performance or those just wanting to move and function better. 

The assessment is designed to assess each and every joint in all three planes of motion across the spectrum of mobility and stability. True function and sports rarely involve motion in a straight line, but rather a combination of many different actions occurring three dimensionally. 

With injury occurring at tissue or structure overload, it's important to assess where any dysfunction in someone's biomechanics may be before it's too late. 

Upon completion an individual receives a relative success code letting them know the planes and joint combinations where they have the most control, and the others where they may be less successful.  A detailed report is then given alongside a program designed around improving the less successful movements while leveraging the already strong. 

If you or someone you know wants to perform BETTER, LONGER, and STRONGER then get assessed today!

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