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Help manage stress with exercise designed around improving breathing mechanics and your connection to the body.

While exercise and nutrition typically get all of the focus, a meditation/mindfulness practice is often the last key piece for a holistic approach to your health.  Taking the time to train the mind can have huge implications to your success towards better health.

The backbone of a good meditation/mindfulness practice? Breathing, something we typically can go for long periods of time without ever thinking about, but with focus and effort, can unlock potential that a meditation/mindfulness practice provides.  When it comes to breathing, the body and how it's aligned plays a huge role.  For example, if the spine is stiff and the ribcage is jammed downward, it is very hard to properly inflate the lungs.  

To improve one's ability to breathe I utilize principles of Applied Functional Science to work towards your body's best capability.  Improving muscle tone, posture, and core musculature are just a few things that can assist with a better breathing cycle.  To integrate these patterns further I then utilize the Pilates method.  Pilates is a form of exercise that requires focus to truly unlock it's full capability.  Attuning one's focus on the body and breath provides a total body workout, while also serving as a form of active meditation/mindfulness.

Services include:

  • Pilates

    • Mat, Reformer, Chair, Tower​​

  • Corrective exercise sessions​

    • Utilize Applied Functional Science Principles ​to optimize the body's breathing capability

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