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Young Man doing Physical Exercise


When it comes to your body, stop guessing and start assessing.

Assessing your movement capabilities is imperative before beginning any new exercise program.  Today's technologically driven world and years of sitting can take a toll on our bodies.  These changes can cause certain muscles and joints to compensate during exercise.  Doing one variation of an exercise may be safe for you, but detrimental for another.  A proper assessment will decrease risk of injury and optimizes performance with your workouts.

Movement assessments are not only for those beginning a program, but those who may also be currently injured or seeking performance increases.  So if you are consistently pulling muscles or not feeling the correct muscles firing during exercise, it may be time to get assessed.

Utilizing principles of Applied Functional Science and the 3DMAPS assessment, I seek to set you up for success wherever your fitness level may be.

Services include:

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