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I grew up in Southern Virginia (Southampton County) and found my way to Northern Virginia after attending college at Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech I studied exercise and health promotion with a focus on kinesiology and nutrition. 


Currently I reside in Ashburn, VA with my two children.  In my free time I enjoy golfing, reading, doing anything fitness related, watching sports, and going on adventures with the kids.

Upon graduating I started working as a personal trainer at Life Time Fitness. The desire to learn more and help clients further led me to getting certified as a Pilates instructor. This started my appreciation for movement sciences and wanting to understand the body deeper. After various fitness certifications over the years the search led me to the Gray Institute and their teachings. 

Founded by world renowned physical therapists Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio, the Gray Institute mentors professionals from around the world in a 40 week intensive program certifying them as Fellow of Applied Functional Science and Functional Manual Reaction. This program goes through every joint in the body from nose to toes and explains how each affect one another and the muscles attached. 

Coined "Chain Reaction Biomechanics," this understanding goes as deep as explaining how improper foot striking can cause issues all the way up the chain and present pain in areas like the hip, back, neck and shoulder. 

Utilizing Functional Manual Reaction, I can provide feedback to the body and guide specific joints and segments as they should move. This in turn creates optimal sequencing that helps restore correct movement/biomechanics, turn on muscles, and promote healing. 

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